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All of our products are carefully crafted from vintage silver plated cutlery.  This once unloved silverware is hand-formed, cut and carefully finished to provide the most comfortable fit possible.

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Our spoon bracelets are available in six different styles – Claire, Sophie, Hannah, Olivia, Phoebe and Zoe – that range from simple and pure to adorning inset crystals, or a wire-wrapped gemstone.

Each bracelet is made using vintage silver plated cutlery, sturdy 16 gauge stainless steel jump rings that will not tarnish and a user-friendly ultra-strong Neodymium magnetic clasp coupled with a 3 ½” stainless steel safety chain.

For the fancier styles, only genuine semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski pearls and crystals are used.  Silver-filled wire and head pins help finish everything off.

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Our spoon rings are available in seven different styles – Cora, Nina, Ruby, Felicia, Julia, Tiffany and Mia – some that spiral around the finger, and others that form a single wrap.

Each ring is made using vintage silver plated cutlery, with some styles having inset genuine Swarovski crystals.

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Our spoon pendants are available in twenty-one different styles spanning four different jewelry collections – our Signature, Whimsy, Geo and Twisted collections.

Our Geo collection uses silver plated serving platters, combined with textured bronze or copper plate to produce a very contemporary design.  A sturdy 15 gauge stainless steel jump ring creates a minimalist bail.

Each pendant in our Twisted collection is fashioned from silver plated forks whose tines have been bent and formed into whimsical shapes.  Most of these pendants have a built in bail, and some are inset with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Our Signature and Whimsy pendants are all made using silver plated cutlery, 16 gauge stainless steel jump rings, and a stainless steel bail.  Our more ornate pieces include the use of genuine semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals and pearls along with silver-filled head pins.

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Déja Spoon makes only two different styles of necklaces – Evangeline and Estelle – both of which belong to our Twisted collection.

Each necklace contains a variety of lengths of silver plated fork tines that have all been individually cut, bent and finished to create a stunning piece that makes a strong statement.

All the tines are strung onto beading wire, and have an integrated silver-filled chain.  A sterling lobster clasp and 2″ extender chain are paired with silver-filled jump rings to complete this necklace.  All jump rings are soldered to ensure longevity.

Our Estelle style also includes genuine semi-precious gemstones, sometimes paired with Swarovski pearls.

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Our spoon earrings are available in nine different styles, belonging to three different jewelry collections – our Signature, Geo and Twisted collections.

Like with the pendants, our Geo collection utilizes silver plated serving platters, sometimes layered over textured bronze or copper plate.

The rest of our earrings incorporate silver plated cutlery or fork tines that may be paired with genuine semi-precious gemstones or Swarovski pearls hung from silver-filled head pins.

All of our earrings are made using hypo-allergenic surgical stainless steel shepherd hook earring wires for sensitive ears.

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We make a variety of gift-related items, including key chains, fridge magnets, writing pens, styluses (for use with a tablet), letter openers, bottle openers, Christmas ornaments, wall hooks, wind chimes and two styles of bird feeders.

As with all of our jewelry, only quality materials are used when making our gift wares.

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